The different methods of transportation between China and Thailand


In this segment, we have dissected and definite the various potential methods of transportation among China and Thailand. Ocean, rail, air, we will assist you with picking the best and the most reasonable way for your shipment.

Sea freight from China to Thailand

Trade relations between China and Thailand

China is the second biggest economy in the world and one of Thailand's most significant exchanging accomplices. The two nations having consistently extremely close relations, it is subsequently normally that the sea exchange streams between these two forces are significant. For sure, it is over 90% of its unfamiliar exchange of Thailand, which is finished by the ocean way, and the greater part are connected with China. Their locational closeness isn't in vain more than just Laos isolates them. Building the Kra Canal, a waterway project crossing Thailand, in order to avoid wasting any time while crossing Malaysia, is the image of the connection between these two nations.

One year ago, China, Thailand's second-biggest fare market, purchased $29.2 billion worth of products, comparable to 11.8% of Thailand's all out sends out. Nonetheless, the Covid emergency is undermining supply chains and could make Thailand lose almost 2 billion baht (around 58.67 million euros).

The main shipping seaports in Thailand

Laem Chabang port

Laem Chabang port

The port of Laem Chabang is able to deal with about 6.9 million TEU per year. As of now, four terminals are overseen by privately owned businesses.

Laem Chabang Port is situated in Tungsukhla sub-region, Sriracha region and Banglamung sub-area of Chon Buri region. The port covers around 1026 hectares.

It is normal that before the current year's over, the limit of the second basin will be big enough to handle 3.5 million TEU.

Laem Chabang has gone through two periods of advancement up until now and is presently in the third stage of development. This third stage will carry the limit of the port to a limit of 18 million TEUs. Right now, after the initial two stages of extension, the port can deal with up to 10 million TEUs. The extension expects to make the port, the main one in the sub-Mekong area and ultimately being able to compete with the port of Singapore.

Port of Bangkok

Otherwise called Klong Toey, the Port of Bangkok is the biggest port in Thailand and is able to deal with about 1.5 million TEUs (around 20 feet per year). It is a global port situated on the Chao Phraya River in the Khlong Toei area, Bangkok.

Bangkok port


Up to this point, the port was one of the 100 most active compartment ports on the planet. The port likewise offers a traditional wharf for stacking and dumping freight.

The port can carry a wide range of merchandise, from compartments, any sort of products (contingent upon the country's regulations obviously), synthetic substances, gas and numerous others.

As of now, the port handles 54% of Thailand's absolute fares and imports. The project of expansion incorporates another two-kilometer long, in order to be able de host huge ships straightforwardly. It likewise incorporates plans to fabricate twin rail lines that will interface the upper east of the nation straightforwardly to the port.

By and large, in the event that we talk about most extreme size, the port can deal with 25,000 deadweight tonnage. Altogether, it has roughly 84 berths. Obviously, it additionally has mechanical gear that can deal with a few tons just as a few stockpiling stockrooms

Sriracha Harbour Deep Seaport

Sriracha Harbor Deep Seaport has been the primary port in Thailand ready to oblige boats up to 100,000 extra weight. The area of Sriracha Harbor has made it an open port 95% of the year.

*All these ports are available by means of Chinese ports like Shanghai Port Ningbo/Zhoushan Port yet in addition other more modest ports like Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xiamen, and so on


Transport time between China and Thailand ports

You can find underneath the normal travel time (counted in days) of the main ports among Thailand and China:

Bangkok Laem Chabang Sriracha Harbour
Shangaï 17 17 47
Shenzhen 7 7 44
Guangzhou 42 43 44
Qingdao 12 12 47
Tianjin 21 21 49
Ningbo 48 49 49
Dalian 48 48 48

What container can I choose for shipment between Thailand and China ?

3 kinds of containers’ size exist, they are used for personal and also commercial cargo:

  • 40' HQ container, which has a capacity of 76 m3 (around 24 pallets)
  • 40' container, which has a capacity of 67 m3 (around 20 pallets)
  • 20-foot container, which has a capacity of 33 m3 (around 10 pallets)

For pallets of 120 x 100 cm (with a maximum height of 230 cm)

Special transports


Ro-Ro is an appellation that is used to call boats that are exclusively made for the transportation of trucks, railroad vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers. To the extend they can also carry cars, vehicles or little boats situated at the passageway and exit of the boat.

What are the reasons to use a RORO from China?

It is the most practical, cheap and most secure approach to move your large freight. Those cargoes are regularly cargoes that must be moved in only one piece with specific trailers from the departure to the arrival. The roro's will be secure thanks to the hold of the roll-on/roll-off holder, which is shielding them from the climate and expected harm during the transportation.


OOG (means Out of Gauge) alludes to "out of gauge". It exists two kinds of OOG compartments: the Open Top Container and the Flat Rack Container.

The open one is utilized for the transport of weighty products that requires a crane for stacking and dealing with.

The flat rack holder is utilized to move very large products in width and or height.

This kind of equipping is made to save a huge amount of time.


Bulk alludes to the transport of bulk products conveyed in the hold of the boat. Bulk freight and general freight don't have the same kind of storage, for instance mass solids and fluids (like coal, oil, minerals and so on). These boats are called bulk carries.

Reefer container

Those reefer holders are planned for the transport of products that can prerish or synthetic substances that require a specific temperature. It exists reefer holders of different sizes, which are all furnished with the best equipment to control temperature, just as moistness levels.

How much does sea freight between China and Thailand cost?

To compute the cost of the cargo, the information on the weight and the volume of the merchandise is fundamental since it is the weight/volume proportion which will decide the price.

The volume and weight proportion are equal to: "1 ton = 1 m3

  • Most of the transportation world concurs that the essential cargo ought to be determined by the weight/volume proportion following the standard of 1 ton = 1 m3. The rate is determined in paying units (called PU), for example the mass communicated in tons, or in volume communicated in cubic meters, "to the benefit of the transporter", for example the higher worth.

For example: A heap has a total mass of 6 tons with a total volume of 9 m3. Consequently, at that point, we will count 9 PU. Another example is for instance a mass of 7 tons and a total volume of 6 m3, then we will be counting 7 UP.

  • For a full compartment, the cargo rate will rely upon the sort of holder utilized and the transportation line that is used.

Air freight between China and Thailand

The different types of air freight

Even if this kind of transportation is very costly and not good for the environment, airship cargo permits you to deliver merchandise over huge distances and in a very short time. Airship cargo is a very solid and very quick strategies for transportation, all other the planet. It permits you to deliver your products anyplace. Notwithstanding, this method for transportation stays super expensive and bad for the planet.

Main airports in Thailand

In Thailand, there are 6 global air terminals: Phuket, Koh Samui, Hat Yai, Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang, and Chiang Mai. Other airports are used for non-military purpose such as domestic flights.

Airport of Don Muang

don muang airport

The international Don Muang airport is one of two global air terminals in Bangkok. The air terminal is viewed as one of the oldest worldwide air terminals on the planet.

Don Muang Airport was in 2004 working with 80 aircrafts and conveying 25 million travelers. It is situated in Don Muang. The airport shut in 2006 after the launch of the new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, prior to continuing tasks (primarily domestic flights) after one year in 2007.

Don Muang is basically utilized by low-cost aircrafts such as Air Asia, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air…


International airport of Phuket

Phuket AIrport

The International Airport of Phuket is one of the biggest air terminal in the nation after Suvarnabhumi Airport. The air terminal serves all big destinations in Asia.

It is situated around 30 km from the regulatory capital of the Phuket Island.

Global travelers come mostly from Asia-Pacific and Europe. The air terminal set a standard of 15.1 million takeoffs in 2016, an increment of 17.8% compared to 2015.

International aiport of Suvarnabhumi


The international airport of Suvarnabhum in Bangkok is Thailand's principal air terminal since 2006. The appellation Suvarnabhumi alludes to the legendary "Place where there is Gold" which appears in Buddhist texts.

The air terminal is 32 km away of the east of downtown Bangkok. It is the fundamental center for all air transport in the country. Suvarnabhumi is relied upon to build its ability by this year and along these lines further develop freight benefits and also passengers flights.

Its terminal structure is the third biggest on the planet with 56.3 hectares and the airports has the tallest tower of control.

Conventional or express air freight

Express airship cargo is usually used to send bundles or tiny volumes. Organizations working express administrations normally offer door to door or place of-conveyance arrangements. The cost will clearly be higher per kilo, yet this strategy ensures a quick and productive assistance to get the goods conveyed as fast as could really be expected. Dispatch organizations, for example, FedEx/DHL/TNT/UPS deal with everything from conveyance to your home or distribution center.

Standard airship cargo is worked by customary aircrafts like Air China, Emirates, ... It will be perfect for you if the volume of your merchandise is somewhere in the range of 1 and 2 m3 (which is about 2 pallets).

How much does sea freight between China and Thailand cost?

Airship cargo enjoys the benefit of being the quickest method of transportation. For the most part, it is utilized for the conveyance of little and light cargoes, or for dire conveyance cases.

Contrasted with other transportation strategies, airship cargo will be more costly on the off chance that you have a huge volume.

While picking this strategy, you have to realize roughly how much airship cargo your delivery will cost. We can assist you with seeing how the rate is determined.

The IATA prime rate 

For shipments, it is the decreasing weight scale, with the minimum of taxes.

For example:

  • More than 3500 kg: the price is 3€ per kg
  • Between 3500 and 2500 kg: the price is 4€ per kg
  • Between 2500 and 1000 kg: the price is 5€ per kg

With a price per kilo of 6€.

The minimum of perception is 600 €.

Pay attention that it isn't really the gross load of your products that will be utilized to compute this rate, it is the volumetric weight that will be used.

What is volumetric weight?

An identicalness rule is applied for air transporters to compute the volumetric weight. We use the accompanying guidelines:

  • For express airship cargo: 1 m³ = is 200 kgs
  • Traditional airship cargo: 1 m³ = is 167 Kgs


We move your freight via air to Thailand, though Bangkok or Phuket and also Chiang Mai, and many more. We have a lot of partnerships all over those two countries. Those connections permit us to ship your products from any city in China, such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen.

Rail freight between Thailand and China

Transport via train between China and Thailand

Regardless of whether the rail transport enjoys the benefit of being quicker than the ocean and more affordable than the air, Thailand doesn't have an extremely evolved rail organization. In this manner, it is still truly challenging to ship your freight in the necessary amount while ensuring its protection and conveyance time.

In any case, the vehicle via train can be a reasonable arrangement on the off chance that one considers well these angles.

The principal rail line stations in Thailand 

Hua Lamphong

Hua Lamphong station, located downtown Bangkok, is right now the beginning stage of the train lines leaving for the entire country. The four fundamental lines are:

  • the eastern organization, from Aranyaprathet, (Cambodian line)
  • the northeast organization, from the extent that Ubon Ratchathani and the Lao-Thai Bridge at the Laotian line
  • the northern organization, from the Chiang Mai
  • the southern organization, from the Malaysian line

Door-to-door delivery between China and Thailand

Door to door service is the most widely recognized and helpful way of transportation your products. For this situation, the client is liberated from everything that the shipment evolves. Indeed, we deal with the entire procedure, from stacking and gathering your products, to the port/air terminal/rail terminal, cleaning the customs fees and conveyance at the arrival. This service is the most easy and quick method of transportation we offer.

By our network in both countries and our years of experience, we guarantee you an efficient service from beginning to end, this service will spare you time and cash!

Customs Clearance for goods imported from China


Regarding this process, we will manage it. It is a fundamental stage for the import from China to the remainder of the world. It is vital to be award and to understand the principles and commitments that apply in Thailand.
All steps will be detailed for you to know what items are permitted to be imported and which are dependent upon specific limitations, and how the obligations and expenses are determined.

Discover what merchandise can be brought in Thailand

Sometimes, products got stuck in customs for whatever the reason. More often, it is because of the absence of data of shippers.

First and foremost:

  • Have every one of the subtleties of the merchandise or product you need to import.
  • Additionally get every one of the insights concerning the exporter.
  • Be certain that the items you need to import are acknowledged inside Thailand.


Customs clearance for goods imported :

The government of Thailand controls everything concerning the importation of specific products into and outside of Thailand. The controls can appear as:

  • an definitive boycott, which implies that you are not permitted to import the merchandise
  • a limitation, where you need an authorization to import the merchandise.

Customs strategy

Thailand permits the transitory importation of merchandise for career expos and shows by means of the ATA carnet framework. These carnets are given by the Board of Trade of Thailand for a most extreme time of one year. It is really suggested that you utilize the administrations of a traditional dealer (an ATA carnet), all together not to experience troubles when bringing in and once again sending out to Thailand.

Procedure and customs contact

When the chance of bringing your goods in Thailand, you should have the tariff arrangement number. These numbers joined with the place of departure characterize the customs obligation rates to be paid.

Decide the "HS code" of the product

It is the code of the item that came with the origin with the value of it, that will decide what will be the customs process.

The Harmonized System (called the HS code) that has a validity in over 207 nations (95% of the world exchange). It is a precise and exclusive classifying numeration, that relegates a number to each sort of good or product subject to worldwide exchange.

You can check here the composition of an HS Code

hs code ananas


procedure douanes

Required documents

On account of a "red line" (very high-risky delivery), the basic records that have to be given to Customs for trade approval are:

  • Declaration for exportation
  • Buy receipt
  • Product permit (if material)
  • Other applicable reports like list, item fixings, and so on


The BoL (bill of lading) is a transportation proof. It sets up the details of an agreement between the transporter and the transport organization, with everything included such as the take-off point and the arrival details. For airship cargo, it is usually called an AWB (which stands for Air Waybill).


Other logistics services

services sourcing

assurance transport

service emballage

service de stockage icon

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