Corporate audit

If you have selected a factory or if you are already doing business with a supplier and want to have a complete profile of this factory in a quick and affordable way, a factory audit (or company audit) is recommended to verify its reliability.

Inspection of the first item

Just before or at the start of production, we check the production process to make sure that everything is in accordance with your specifications and wishes. Immediate adjustments are made if necessary. This check ensures an efficient start and immediately rules out any possible miscommunication.

Inspection during production

Continuous checks are carried out during the production process as to how your product is manufactured. If necessary, we take immediate action to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible and to guarantee you the required quality and delivery time.

Pre-shipment inspection

A sample that you are very satisfied with does not guarantee that the eventual final product will be good or that the entire production will run satisfactorily. Before loading and shipping the goods, inspections are carried out based on the specifications you have established to see if everything meets the required quality.

Verification of container loading

Our highly qualified inspectors supervise your products as they are loaded into the containers. This also involves checks to ensure that all the goods you have ordered are loaded. Above all, there is constant monitoring to ensure that everything is loaded carefully and correctly. Finally, the containers are personally sealed by our inspectors. The container itself is also subject to a thorough inspection.

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