Method of transportation

There is a separate insurance policy for the goods transported according to the method of transport : air freight, sea freight, rail freight and/or trucking.


Insurance of international transport

The duration of the guarantee is determined at the time of conclusion of the insurance contract (from store location ... to store location ...; from edge to edge including loading and unloading operations, etc.). The duration of the guarantees is generally limited:

  • Air: 15 days after arrival of the plane at the airport
  • Maritime: 60 days after unloading of the last ship
  • Road: 15 days after arrival at destination.
  • Rail: 15 days after arrival at the train station.


Issue of reservations upon receipt of goods

When the goods ordered are delivered in a different state from that which they had when loading or transferring responsibilities, the carrier is presumed responsible. At the risk of seeing any claim refuted by the insurer in the event of damage during transport, the receiver must always check the goods and issue reservations if necessary: ​​If reservations are not taken, any action may be definitively extinguished.



On delivery, in case of apparent damage, it is imperative to make a report and to confirm them immediately by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 3 working days. If you use DocShipper insurance service, this can simply done by contacting your dedicated consultant.

Liability of the carrier

The shipper will be compensated by the carrier according to the ceilings fixed by the transport agreements. The consequences can be very serious. The possibility that the amount of compensation is, significantly lower than the actual value of the damaged goods.


Liability limits

The carrier's liability limits are expressed in SDRs (Special Drawing Rights).

“Ad Valorem ” insurance

The limitation of the carrier's liability, even the exemption from this liability in the event of damage to the goods, poses a significant problem. The sender seeing himself partially compensated or not at all.

To avoid the inconvenience that a “third-party shipper” insurance policy could cause, the shipper can take out an AD Valorem insurance policy. With its transport operator. The latter having no direct link with the price of transport, is made on the real value of the goods.

AD Valorem insurance cover the shipper not on the basis of the principle of liability, but on the basis of the actual value of the damaged or lost goods. The expected profit can also be included if the goods arrived in good condition and were sold when concluding the contract.


Carrier exemption cases

As a general rule, there is a presumption of liability for the carrier as soon as the goods are delivered in a state different from that which they had at the time of loading (case of breakages, losses, etc.). If the carrier proves that he has made all the necessary arrangements during transport and that his responsibility is not engaged, he will not pay any compensation to the shipper. This exemption case is also valid for circumstances falling within the scope of force majeure. Or a situation for the carrier "Unpredictable, Irresistible, External to his business".


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