Door to door service from China

What is a door to door service?

As mentioned above, our door to door service is the ultimate & premium service: you have nothing to do, the forwarder ( @DocShipper ) manages all operations!

In practice, as an importer, you indicate the origin of the goods and their destination and we take care of the rest. A dedicated DocShipper agent will process your order and will accompany you from A to Z. It will also be he who will be in charge of coordinating all the players in the logistics chain: suppliers, customs, shipping line, (aero) port authorities, etc.


Incoterms and door to door transport

When you buy products in China, your supplier will sell the goods to you under a specific incoterms. This makes it possible to define the responsibility of the seller and the buyer in the transport of your cargo.

The 3 most recurrent incoterms are: 

  • EXW (Ex Works): The supplier releases the goods immediately upon leaving the factory. You are then responsible for the entire logistics process, starting with the removal of the goods from the supplier’s warehouse.
  • FOB (Free On Board): In the case of purchase under the FOB incoterm, your supplier will call on an affiliated forwarder to launch the logistics procedure up to the departure terminal: product packaging, road freight, declaration to the export and loading of goods on the boat / plane, it is all included until the freight services.
  • CFR (Cost & Freight) / CIF (Cost Insurance & Freight): This is the incoterm coming just after FOB. It obviously includes all steps included in FOB Incoterms (which is all local charges in China) but also add the freight services until a specific (air)port. The difference between CIF and CFR is just the insurance which is included in CIF.

How door to door services work step by step?

As mentioned above, when we provide a door-to-door service, we coordinate all the necessary actors on the supply chain. We concatenate a number of services which can be summarized in 8 phases:

  1. Pick up at supplier in China
  2. Warehouse handling in China
  3. Port / Airport / Train station operations in China
  4. Export declaration in China
  5. Sea, air or rail freight
  6. Customs clearance at destination
  7. Handling at destination
  8. Delivery to destination

Door to door service—Step by step

Pick up at supplier in China

The goods will simply be removed by our drivers directly from one (or more) suppliers in order to consolidate them in our warehouse at origin. We will also inspect the quality of the packaging and bring it up to transport standards if necessary (for example with a palletization of boxes).

Warehouse handling in China

Have your goods reached the warehouse in China? It is now time to check whether the products, establish the packing list which will be used for the declaration at export and customs clearance at import… Generally it is also at this time we finalize the documents to prepare the goods for export.

Port / Airport / Train station operations in China

The cargo has arrived at the original terminal (the port, the airport or sometimes the train station), it is time to load the goods on board: the boat, the plane or the train. In this step you will find all the costs linked to the terminal (terminal charges, handling, terminal taxes, etc.)

Export declaration in China

Before the shipment of the cargo, it is essential to make what is called “export declaration” with the local customs authorities. The borders of the countries are controlled for both import and export, this allows the country in particular to have significant economic data. It is also a stage where customs officials make sure not to send prohibited or limited products.

Sea, air or rail freight

You had the approval of the customs authorities at the origin (in China), the goods are ready to be shipped! By boat, plane or train, we will use the most suitable solution according to your volume, your budget and your deadline conditions. You will find just below an explanatory table as well as our recommendations.

sea freight icon

air freight icon

rail freight icon

trucking icon

Customs clearance at destination

Your cargo has finally arrived at the terminal of destination, it is now time to bring in a customs declarant. This is when local authorities inspect your merchandise to determine the customs duties and taxes you will pay. This is a phase that you cannot avoid, so anticipate all of the needs in order to be in line with local standards. If you want more information on this sensitive step, we advise you to take a look on our page: Clearance of Chinese products

Handling at destination

On the same principle as the charges you had for export, this phase involves all of the players who will handle your cargo: stevedore, terminal fees, handling fees, customs declarations… All of these operations have a certain cost which we group in “import charges”. Once this step is completed, the goods are released and can be collected directly at the exit of the terminal.

Delivery to destination

In order to conclude our door-to-door service, it is now time to make a final step in road freight to deliver the cargo to your warehouse, office or home. Note that it will be necessary to define upstream the conditions of access on site and the handling needs concerning the unloading of the cargo. Your door-to-door operations will therefore conclude with this last step.

Door to Door service | Comparison

What is the best method of transport?

As mentioned above, each shipment must be treated on a case-by-case basis. In addition to considerations in terms of budget, it is also necessary to take into account the imperatives in terms of time, security and international standards. As we can see on the diagram above, air freight is by far the quickest solution, then comes rail freight and then sea freight. Despite significant investment being made in the development of rail transport, this method remains rare for conventional products.

But what about the price? This is what we will see just below:

China comparison transport methode

What is the cheapest method of transport?

We will take as example a shipment from China to USA and will comapre 3 different method of transport:

  • Sea freight LCL
  • Sea freight FCL
  • Classic air freight
  • Express air freight

pricing express vs air vs sea freight


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