The 5 Main Types of Freight Transportation

Ocean shipping


Ocean shipping also known as maritime transportation, is the oldest mode of transportation for moving goods across the oceans. It is an economical choice for long-distance shipments and bulky products. More than 90% of companies use ocean shipping for their shipments. The United States uses ocean shipping for 70% of its international trade. This mode of transportation is the only choice for certain products, such as building materials, crude oil, and metals, which cannot be transported by air.



  • Cost-efficient option for long-distance transportation
  • Suitable for bulky and heavy products that cannot be transported by air
  • Reliable mode of transportation for global shipping
  • The only choice for some goods like construction supplies, crude oil, and metals



  • Longer delivery times compared to air transportation
  • Limitations for shipments to destinations far from ports
  • Additional costs for handling and insurance
  • Risks of damage or loss of goods due to extreme weather conditions or technical issues with the ship.

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Air shipping


Air shipping is the second-best option for transportation nowadays. Air shipping is a fast and convenient mode of transportation for short-distance distribution or shipments that need to travel long distances quickly, even internationally. It is more expensive than other modes of transportation but provides additional security and faster delivery.



  • Fast mode of transportation for short and long distances
  • Provides additional security for high-value items
  • Available in most parts of the world
  • Suitable for international shipments


  • More expensive than other modes of transportation
  • Limited capacity for bulky and heavy products
  • Carbon emissions contribute to environmental pollution
  • Possibility of flight delays or cancellations due to weather conditions or technical issues.

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Road shipping

fret routier

Road shipping is a popular and reliable mode of transportation that comes with various shipping modes, such as full truckload and less-than-truckload. It is easy to get a freight quote and select the required equipment. Trucks are equipped with built-in navigation systems and exact-time tracking abilities that help track shipments in real time. Road shipping is a cheaper option compared to air and ocean shipping, making it a good choice for moving goods.



  • Reliable and popular mode of transportation
  • Comes with various shipping modes and trailer types to suit different shipping needs
  • Easy to get a freight quote and select the required equipment
  • Trucks are equipped with built-in navigation systems and exact-time tracking abilities for real-time tracking of shipments

Cheaper option compared to air and ocean shipping


  • Limited range compared to air and ocean shipping
  • Subject to traffic and road conditions which may cause delays in delivery

Rail Shipping

Rail shippingRail shipping, also known as rail freight or rail transportation, is the transportation of goods by train. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to transport large quantities of goods over long distances.

Rail shipping involves loading the goods onto rail cars, which are then transported by locomotives along tracks that connect cities and towns across the country. The rail system is an integral part of the logistics industry, connecting suppliers and manufacturers with distributors and consumers.

Advantages :

  • Ability to carry heavy loads
  • Efficient in transporting large volumes of goods
  • Lower cost compared to other modes of transportation
  • Suitable for transporting bulk commodities over long distances
  • Environmentally friendly option

Disadvantages :

  • Limited connectivity to certain regions
  • Additional transportation costs and longer delivery times
  • Significant investments required in maintenance and upgrades of rail infrastructure


Intermodal & multimodal

courrier-transportant-commande-livrant-colis-service-livraison-express-fret-logistique-distribution-fret-aerien-concept-courrier-postal-mondialIntermodal and multimodal transportation modes are two ways of combining different modes of transportation such as road, rail, ocean, or air for a single shipment.


  • Offers a more flexible and cost-effective solution for complex routes.
  • Allows for a combination of modes to take advantage of the strengths of each mode.
  • Provides
  •  a wider range of options for shippers to choose from.
  • Reduces the risk of cargo damage during transport.
  • Enhances supply chain efficiency and speed.



  • Can be more complicated and time-consuming than using a single mode of transportation.
  • Requires coordination between multiple carriers and can increase the risk of delays or errors.
  • Can be more expensive than using a single mode of transportation for shorter distances or smaller shipments.

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