Types of Transportation in Logistics: Which One is Right For You?

Ocean shipping


Ocean shipping is the oldest mode of moving large columns of goods overseas. From ancient times, many businessmen use this mode for moving goods from one country to another country. If we compare this mode is also a cost-efficient option than air mode. For shippers who want to move goods to a distance longer than 500 km, this mode is best suitable for them. Also, it is best for weird-shaped freight, liquids, etc. 

Ocean shipping is used by businesses (large and mid-sized) that need global shipping on a regular basis. According to a report, more than 90% of businesses use ocean modes of transportation. The USA alone uses water transportation for 70% of all international merchandise trade. 

Ocean shipping is the only choice for a company that wants to transport heavy goods or move from one country to another. In comparison to air, ships are more affordable and economically viable for bulkier products. It is the only mode of transportation for some goods like construction supplies, crude oil, metals, and others that are not possible to be transported by air.

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Air shipping


Air shipping is the second-best option for transportation nowadays. When we talk about heavy weight, then ocean shipping is better than air shipping, but when we talk about fast transportation then air transportation is better than ocean shipping. Air shipping doesn’t have to compete with natural barriers, that is why it is a convenient and fast mode of transportation. At a short distance, road transport is the fastest way to deliver items, but for long destinations, air transportation is the only reliable option. 

Air shipping is a relatively new form of transportation, but it is better suited for short-distance distribution. This mode of transportation is available in most of the world and is ideal for shipments that need to travel long distances quickly, even internationally. When compared to rail and ship freight, air shipping has a far larger reach.

The most essential key features of air shipping are that it allows for faster distribution and provides additional security. Air shipping has the drawback of being more expensive than other modes of transportation. If your company needs fast delivery, air transportation can be used to transport goods from one location to another.

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Road shipping

fret routier

Road shipping is also the oldest and most popular mode of transportation. It has become a long way since the days of horse shipments. This mode of transportation works for everyone, from small shippers to big enterprises. Road shipping comes with various shipping modes. The main two types of road shipping are full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL). FTL shipping takes the entire truck capacity to move the freight at the time of LTL suggests partial use of the trailer by various shippers. 

There are also different types of trailers that serve various shipping needs: dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, etc. It is not difficult to get a freight quote from the carrier and select the required equipment. In road shipping, trucks are a better option than other modes of transportation, because of built-in navigation systems and exact-time tracking abilities that help to know the real-time location where your shipment is located. 

When we talk about cheaper transportation, truck freight is a better and cheaper option than others because it is far cheaper than air and ship and also highly reachable. It is good to choose truck freight for moving goods.

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Intermodal & multimodal

Selecting the best mode of transportation can be difficult, especially in a complicated route. Intermodal and multimodal are two types of combination transportation modes, they can solve complicated route transportation problems. Intermodal & multimodal is a combination of road, rail, ocean, or air for a single shipment. Intermodal is handled under a single bill, whereas multimodal goes with separate bills from all the carriers involved. In terms of price and flexibility, intermodal and multimodal is very beneficial. When a shipment needs more than one type of transportation to reach its final destination, intermodal transportation is the best option. Generally, it is used by rail and ship transport, which uses trucks to carry goods from other railways or ports. 

Each mode of transportation has advantages and drawbacks for its role in the supply chain. Depending on the size and requirements of the business, logistics managers worldwide are deciding what is the best mode for a specific shipment. A business has various options, but it depends on some factors such as volume, speed, distance, and cost. It is very important to know the exact requirement of a business, it helps to grow a business and create a successful supply chain. Every business needs to know the pros of various modes of transportation in logistics that can help you to decide which mode of transportation is best suitable for your particular shipping needs. Robust asset management and logistics execution are necessary to secure, fast and low-cost supply operations. The more definitive objective of transportation is better for distribution and logistics management, the more a business will eliminate delays, reduce waste, and maximize profit margins. 


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