What Makes Chinese Trucks Parts Reliable (5 Recommendations)

What Makes Chinese Trucks Parts Reliable ? (5 Recommendations)

Trucks are very convenient when we need to transport goods from one point to another. But once it breaks, we most of the time encounter several problems such are finding an original part or a replica that has a good value for money, and most important finding a trustworthy supplier that won’t take advantage of us and will help us with his expertise
going through the diagnostics of the truck, maintenance and expediting the parts we need to our location.

In this article we will be exploring some points you must consider while searching for truck’s parts in China and what you should be expecting. Obviously it is true that finding a good supplier in China is tricky especially when you don’t understand each other as well as some solutions you should definitely consider while going through this journey.

1. A truck parts industry expert

trucks manufacturers chinaMany countries rely heavily on Chinese truck parts such as the USA, Japan, Mexico or Germany. According to the UN's Comtrade database, China is one of the world's largest suppliers of auto parts, shipping parts and accessories for vehicles worth $34.8 billion in 2018. That makes China the main supplier of the world and the first place to go and consider when you need any trucks.
The top truck manufacturers in China are Dongfeng, Hongyan, CAMC Hualing, Dayun, and Foton, among others. The enterprises that produce spare components for truck manufacturers are numerous. They both sell original replacement parts directly off their own shelves and provide Chinese spare parts resellers with factory resources so they may function.
Additionally, they give dealers permission to benefit from an unique online application system for parts so that dealers may verify the Part number plate and original pricing for each truck component using the chassis plate number.
Since vehicle configuration varies greatly from nation to nation, so do the parts that go with it.Perhaps you want to buy the Euro VI engines; instead, he advises you to get the the Euro III engines that Africans use.One truck has tens of thousands of pieces.A competent provider should have adequate knowledge in maintenance and a supply chain structure for the sake of responding to users' issues and provide suitable parts whenever needed.They have experienced salespeople that can assist you in completing a variety of tasks, including getting your products ready, scheduling a ship, making a customs declaration, creating documents, and more.

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2. The cost of genuine, OEM, or replica parts

For these brands of trucks, including Dongfeng, Hongyan etc. China offers three different kinds of truck parts: original,OEM and replica.
Because OEM and original parts are more expensive, some purchasers from nations like Germany or the USA, who wish to purchase differents parts of a truck for their personal use opt to purchase replica truck parts in the above-mentioned nations, it can be challenging for anyone who wants to sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and original components at an expensive price and establish themselves as a dealer.As a consequence, the dealers have really no chance of surviving in this market.
Although copy components are less expensive, they also have a wide range in quality. So, be vigilant when purchasing those.

  • For consumers, if they choose parts based only on price and are of particularly poor quality, the truck will likely break, necessitating regular replacement of the parts.
  • Customers' trust can be lost by foreign dealers if it tends to happen.

truck part engineFor example, the original cost of the Sinotruk FUEL INJECTOR (Serial Number: VG1246080051) is $179.99, while the cost of a replica is between $60 and $110. If you want your truck's engine to last longer, We suggest buying original parts rather than just replica parts because they are more affordable. You can even purchase a reliable replica if you truly want to make economies. Additionally, you must conduct a thorough investigation and research to discover a reputable seller before you buy from them.
Due to the recent Covid pandemic. The car industry has been suffering from a global shortage of some components but mainly the chips that are used in cars/trucks that have a great amount of electronics in them.

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3. Provide premium components for a reasonable price.

Parts come in a wide range of prices and quality. We’ve decided to make it simpler for you to decide if the quality meet your expectations and if it is worthwhile for you to spend your money on, We've distilled the following five parts information:

  • Verify that the product's protective layer is still in place.
  • Examine the surface in order to see if it has scratching.
  • Verify if the goods have damages.
  • By hand, examine the moving parts' mobility.
  • Check to see if the parts' hardness satisfies the required level.


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4. Provide quality service

Thousands of pieces make up a single truck. Perhaps you are just looking for one component, or perhaps you are unaware of the serial number of this specific part. Many supplier personnel believe that your order is just problematic, and as a result, they are unwilling to help you.
However, a competent truck parts salesman must be kind and professional, and he must be glad to assist you even if you only purchase a few parts. Alternatively, even if you lack knowledge about trucks, they will assist you by going over the various kinds of truck parts and other information with you.
They will develop the most affordable solution based on your requirements.
They will create a purchasing plan that is both affordable and of high quality for you based on your needs. Going forward, you will be treated as a regular customer.

5. Have good technical skills

The supply chain structure of the supplier affects both quality and cost. One of a supplier's most crucial talents is the choice and management of manufacturers. You can get after-sale parts from a reputable supplier for the greatest price and highest quality.
You can travel to China in order to check the supplier's capabilities, including their warehouse, clientele etc.

We want your feedback.

Finding a truck parts supplier in China is simple; the trick is figuring out whether the seller is trustworthy. If you have inquiries concerning this article or want to discover more about Chinese truck parts, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below, regardless of whether you are a truck parts dealer or merely buy parts for your own use.


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