Incoterm Free Carrier Shipping (FCA)

What does the Incoterm Free Carrier Shipping (FCA) mean?

Businesses involving import and export can be successful. But first, you need to understand the fundamentals of shipping. One of the most important things to remember to do is learn the laws and regulations governing exporting goods utilizing various shipping options.

These guidelines are referred to as incoterms in the shipping industry. Despite the fact that there are numerous varieties, buyers and sellers frequently employ FCA incoterms. So what exactly are FCA incoterms, if you're wondering? Additionally, what limitations these agreements impose on buyers and sellers, as well as their benefits and drawbacks. Here, you will find all the solutions.

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global Supply Chain disruption impact on business

The global Supply Chain disruption and its impact on your business

Retail and ecommerce businesses had been facing many hurdles for two years, especially in China, where the lockdown was very tight, and the pandemic was raging. This situation led to a huge consumption of goods by the locked population, which increased the scarcity of air, sea and trucking freight spaces. The rise in prices was therefore bound to happen.
How can your supply chain company face this sort of crisis? But let's put the question more like this, in a most optimistic way: how can you take advantage of this kind of situation to thrive your business and provide a good service to your customers?
We are going to provide you with some advice from our experts that can help you to deal with the negative effect of this situation on inventories, workers, and freight. But first, we are going to present to you the former situation in China, during the crisis that still has its effects today.

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How to find the perfect Logistics Partner and have Successful Logistics Process?

How to Find the Perfect Logistics Partner and have Successful Logistics Process ?

The logistics without being accompanied is something very complicated. There are a lot of formalities to respect and if they are not respected the export cannot be carried out. If you want to embark on this adventure, you will have to respect a certain number of advice and rules. Do you have more questions about logistics? Do not hesitate to contact our specialists who will answer you in less than 24 hours!

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13 easy ways to reduce packaging costs

Depending on the nature of your products, it seems necessary to choose the right packaging for your business in which you can save your goods from expected and unexpected conditions like the rain and temperature or even during the transportation, but it will be unnecessary to spend a lot on it.

Saving money on packaging, it doesn't have to compromise the quality and safety of your products, but, it is about taking a wide view in order to enhance your production systems. Nevertheless, you may gain valuable savings and enhance your profit margin by getting more serious about improving your packaging materials, methods, and expenses.

It is better to begin with figuring out where your money will go by determining which issues can delay the existing packaging process. That’s why proceeding with the material selection, the existing package size, and the other elements of your supply chain are mandatory, so you may simply improve such things that might be changed. Of course, without forgetting to look for solutions in order to solve some problems like equipment breakdowns or a crowded warehouse.

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Logistics trends and opportunities in 2021

2020 was a difficult year for the logistics sector, which was affected by the global pandemic (Covid-19). Companies who work in the essential goods field such as food, medical or pharmaceutical were obliged to ensure the continuous sourcing of these products, generating the evolvement of the e-commerce logistics. 

An accelerated digital transformation of the logistics took a place thanks to that. Companies started relying on technologies more often in their now automated warehouses in order to optimize the operations and offer their clients more efficient services. 

The pandemic did damage the economy, but it did also offer it various advantages, such as this one, allowing companies to modernize their logistics. Here are the different trends and opportunities in the logistics field for 2021.

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Regulation of electronic products in Hong Kong [FULL GUIDE]

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Types of Transportation in Logistics: Which One is Right For You?

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Freight forwarder

Top 9 freight forwarders in Taiwan

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