What are the different services that a freight broker provides?

Order tender

The initial stage of any transportation process is called order tendering. During this process you will need to provide your freight broker with all the relevant information pieces regarding your shipment. These will need to include things like contact information, relevant addresses, the weight, type and dimension of your load and anything else that may be relevant. With all the data collected, a freight broker will then go on to look for either a suitable freight company or a qualified carrier.

Additionally, you may be required to provide additional data, such as any specific handling conditions. Your freight broker will then ensure that they find the right match for you, down to the last detail. These will include the right type of truck that can handle your load, a reputable truck driver as well as any other standards that need to be met.


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Load scheduling

After order tendering is taken care of the next step is load scheduling. The majority of freight brokers use a specialized software solution called TMS (transport management system). This software enables freight brokers to optimize their operations and make them more streamlined.

TMS enables brokers to find suitable and reputable freight carriers more easily. The way it works is that a freight broker will place your load information in TMS after which the system will list them the most suitable matches. Once the load booking is confirmed, the broker will move on to schedule pick-up and delivery dates.


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Once the load is scheduled for pick-up, it comes the time to take care of loading. As one of the crucial steps of the transportation process, loading needs to be done just right. Once again, you can rely on your freight broker to oversee this process. 

Here, a freight broker will contact the drivers to ensure that they arrive on time and that everything moving forward will go as scheduled. Next, they will supervise the process of cargo loading, ensuring that everything goes safely and seamlessly. Additionally, they will check to make sure that the right type of truck is there to pick up your load. For instance, if your freight requires a reefer truck specifically, anything other than that simply won’t do. Finally, the carrier will sign a bill of landing, and thus take full responsibility of your freight.


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While your load is in transit, meaning that it’s on the road from point A to point B, it can easily be tracked and managed through TMS. As a shipper, you have full right to use this software solution to ensure that your load is being safe, handled properly and that everything’s going according to plan.

Additionally, you will receive regular updates up until the point your freight reaches its final destination. This will not only bring peace of mind to shippers, but it also offers the opportunity to act fast in case something happens to go astray. 


Unloading and biling

Once the load reaches its destination, the consignee will sign the bill of landing. This way they confirm that the cargo reached them and that it’s now in their possession. Then the carrier needs to confirm that the freight reached them successfully and it comes the time for unloading. As soon as all the necessary paperwork is signed, the freight broker can then invoice the shipper.

In the end, when the freight broker invoices the shipper, the shipper will need to pay the bill within the predetermined timeframe.

Obviously, hiring a freight broker will take a lot of work and worry off of your shoulders, allowing you to use that time and energy on something else. With a good freight broker, you can rest assured knowing that all of your shipping efforts will go smoothly.



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