Top 9 Chinese Websites for Online Shopping

Top 9 Chinese Websites for Online Shopping

With its online wholesalers, China has won the hearts of people all over the world
 but getting lost in all these websites and portals is not unusual. We have a comprehensive process at DocShipper that includes shipping and several clues and advice related to sourcing the right Chinese supplier, especially through Chinese wholesale websites; this distinguishes us from our rivals. To help you discover the Chinese online stores that best meet your needs, we have created this article to guide and enlighten your choices.

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The top nine websites for wholesale

The most popular wholesale websites are listed below.

IBIS World's analysis predicts that the wholesale and retail industry will grow at a rate of 5.3% in the coming years, up from the 1.4% it is currently experiencing. The wholesale market in China has room to grow and advance. And the graph below demonstrates this.


global retail and wholesale market

Source: Research and Markets

Alibaba on top of the Chinese wholesale websites

Alibaba Chinese website

One of the biggest B2B internet marketplaces in the world is Alibaba. Actually, it was the first to establish the idea of e-commerce or wholesale internet. It is also credited with opening up the rest of the world to Chinese producers.

Prior to Alibaba, regional restrictions and even language obstacles made it challenging to locate and engage with Chinese suppliers. Then, Alibaba brought forth a radical shift. Now, finding and doing business with Chinese vendors only takes a few clicks.

The primary function of Alibaba is as a platform. In other words, it is only a forum where buyers and sellers can communicate for commercial interests. Sellers advertise their goods, engage with customers, and make sales. It is the most popular Chinese website, and new buyers and sellers sign up on a daily basis.

Alibaba essentially acts as a conduit between retailers and consumers. Basically, it deals with the decision-making, bargaining, and paying processes for goods. With its headquarters in Hangzhou, China, the Alibaba company was established in 1999 by businessman Jack Ma.

DHgate for beginners transactions

DHgate Chinese website

DHgate is a fantastic Chinese e-commerce site offering wholesale services for newcomers. One of the biggest and best-known B2B platforms, it is a top pick for new users. The rapid and simple wholesale purchasing process offered by DHgate is well-known.

It's challenging to buy in bulk. A small list of vetted suppliers must be created before you can speak with them and finalize the transaction. DHgate strives to make these laborious processes simpler.

The ability of DHgate to handle both sizable and modest bulk orders is an intriguing feature. This is possible given their stratified price structure for each item. You will save more money the more you buy.

More than 30 million products are available on DHgate, demonstrating the site's value. It is a reliable marketplace where you can purchase any desired item at a fair price. The headquarters of DHgate are in Beijing, China, to discuss the site.

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1688 Chinese website

We are confident that every business owner has heard of Alibaba, a well-known global brand. Alibaba's Chinese division is a part of it. For the time being, is only intended for local use, restricts its language to Chinese, and focuses on business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions, as well as retail sales and product manufacturing.

Because it was able to obtain prices that were relatively low for the products on the market, the majority of Chinese use to find goods. Over 50,000 reputable sellers can be found on at the moment. You can always find what you're looking for on the website.

A sophisticated user interface is the only thing that needs improvement. The maneuverability is rather difficult, which discourages a lot of potential buyers. It might even surpass the quality of its parent firm if the limited language options are fixed.

CJ Sourcing for wholesaling and direct delivery

CJ Sourcing chinese website

Yiwu Cu Jia Trade Co. Wholesale and drop-shipping, often known as CJ Sourcing, is another well-known Chinese e-commerce website.

CJ does not restrict its products to wholesale, which is where it is increasingly gaining an advantage over other platforms. As a distinctive drop-shipping option, CJ also enables sellers to offer products in their online stores.

Drop-shipping is the practice of displaying products from a variety of vendors on a website or platform without maintaining a stock of them. CJ wants to do this by giving users a variety of goods to sell. They do not need to open additional websites to find the various things they require.

CJ is steadily solidifying its place as one of the top e-commerce platforms in China because of its excellent after-sales care. Furthermore, they provide warehousing services.

“Made in China” is one of the biggest Chinese marketplaces

Made in China Chinese website

It is one of the oldest Chinese retail platforms, bringing together Chinese vendors and customers from around the globe. Made in China is a marketplace like the previously stated websites. Its headquarters are in Jiangsu, China, and it was founded in 1998.

Made In China is gradually solidifying its place as one of the greatest e-commerce platforms in China because of its exceptional after-sales care. Furthermore, they provide warehousing services.

Moreover, payments are only made to vendors after the consumer certifies that the goods arrived on time and in good condition. As part of its secure trading services, Made In China additionally provides inspection services.

This implies that you can pay outside testers to evaluate the things that are offered on the internet.

Banggood: one of the cheapest wholesale solutions in China

Banggood Chinese Website

In 2006, Bangood was formed with a focus on selling computers and software to international e-commerce solutions. The Hong Kong-based owner of this Chinese e-commerce business sells reasonably priced goods. It contains things for the house, garden, technology, cellphones, connected devices, and entertainment.

Additionally, all of these products are in stock and available for shipping. One of the cheapest wholesale options in China is, which sells products to both domestic and foreign customers.

Affordably priced shipping options and prompt delivery are also provided by this Chinese website.

Yaaku the Chinese wholesale clothing website

Yaaku Chinese website

Chinese retailer Yaaku offers clothes, including jumpers, dresses, leggings, skirts, t-shirts, and other trendy things. sells goods of excellent quality for cheap wholesale pricing. They are one of China's most cost-effective wholesale websites as a result.

They aim to achieve this by offering outstanding products and simplifying the payment process as much as they can. Men's, women's, couple's, and kids' apparel are all available there.

Chinavasion: the major Chinese electronics supplier

Chinavasion Chinese Website

2004 saw the establishment of Chinavasion. Offering high-quality products at competitive costs, it prides itself on being very customer-focused. It is also a significant provider of electronics that offers free drop-shipping to clients both domestically and internationally.

If you're looking for a trustworthy and secure website to buy electronics, Chinavasion is among the greatest wholesale websites in China to check out. The main problem is that it can't be an all-encompassing solution because it only covers electrical products.

Modish Home, the furniture and interior’s dedicated wholesale website

Modish Home Chinese website

The organization that runs Modish Home is the Modish Furniture Corporation, which also operates a couch manufacturing that offers retail and wholesale services. They concentrate on buying Chinese-made home appliances in bulk. In terms of prices, they are among the best online stores.

They sell dining room, patio, and living room furnishings. In the neighborhood of 100 furniture producers, they enjoy good connections.

Additionally, this Modish Home provides excellent customer service and prompt item delivery. The fact that this website solely sells furniture is a significant flaw.

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Final thoughts

It is clear that Chinese wholesale markets will have a more prosperous future. But the wholesale websites in China are already extremely developed, and the choice is vast.

If you need help choosing your supplier in China, negotiating with them, or even shipping, count on DocShipper, your import-export assistant. Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

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