10 Most Profitable Items to Import From China in 2023

China is a giant wholesaler, a country where you can find everything you want at unbeatable prices. That’s the reason, so many retailers are sourcing their products from Chinese manufacturers, it’s easier to generate profit from cheap items bought.

As sourcing experts, we know that it could be hard to find the good product that you can flip. To assist you with this critical step, we looked for popular products that you can easily resell for a profit.


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How to choose the right items?

If you want to make a high-profit margin from selling items sourced from China, you must be careful when choosing :

  • Demand: Is there a market for the product? Are people interested in buying it?
  • Competition: Is the market over-saturated with similar products, or is there room for new players?
  • Pricing: Can you price the product competitively and still make a profit?
  • Production costs: What are the costs associated with manufacturing or sourcing the product?
  • Target audience: Who is your target audience, and are they willing to pay a premium for your product?

Tools you can use to find profitable items

When looking for profitable products to sell, you have to search through different ways to be sure the items will be profitable and sold quickly. You can use some tools to help you save time in your market research:

Now, we are going to introduce you to the 10 most profitable items we selected to help you have an idea of what to import from China in 2023.

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10 items to import from China 

China is known to be a considerable exporter of some categories of products, so we’ll present you with different items in each main China export category.

Wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds trends
This new kind of earphone is striking in the market for two years, and it’s still expanding all around the world. In fact, it represents 310 million products sold worldwide in 2021.

This technology is much more practical than wired earphones and has a pleasant aesthetic. This kind of electronic product is manufactured in very large quantities in many factories in China, so it will be easy to source them at a good price and generate profit.wireless-earbugs

  • Wholesale price: from $300 for 100 pieces
  • Retail price: $11 per piece
  • Estimated profit per 100 unit: $800
  • Google search monthly volume: 217K


 3-in-1 wireless charger


People tend to own multiple electronic devices such as smartphones, connected watches, earbuds, and others, and each device has to be charged, what could be more useful than a charging station that is able to charge every device at the same time? The wireless charger market was $5.48 billion in 2021 and may reach $34.65 by 2030.


  • Wholesale price: from $680 for 100 pieces
  • Retail price: $36.99 per unit
  • Estimated profit: $3019
  • Google search monthly volume: 215K


Drone with a 4K camera



The trend is not going to end in Europe and in the USA, in fact, it represents a huge market going to reach $9.78 billion in 2025, a huge number that proves that it will be profitable in 2023.

  • Wholesale price: from $1600 for 100 pieces
  • Retail price: $78 per unit
  • Estimated profit: $6200
  • Google search monthly volume: 320K



DocShipper Alert:To avoid unpleasant surprises, always do your research before meeting with your supplier/manufacturer. There are many scammers on the popular B2B marketplaces, the prices aren't real and there is no guarantee that you're going to get the product you want. DocShipper will help you find the foreign manufacturer wholesaler that you're looking for. Ask our specialists everything now or fill out our form to tell us about your needs.



Leggings are comfortable, timeless, and useful. It’s the kind of clothing every woman has in her wardrobe, and it’s proven by the fact that this market represented $34.25 Billion in 2021.legging-profitable-product

  • Wholesale price : from 300$ for 100 pieces
  • Retail price : 15$ per unit
  • Estimated profit :1 200$
  • Google search monthly volume (US): 414K



Recycled polyester



People are more and more concerned about their ecological footprint, this polyester recycled fabric is matching their needs. Customers will create the products they want with quality raw materials, respecting the environment. In fact, the market share of polyester that comes from recycled sources from 14% in 2019 to 45% in 2025!

  • Wholesale price: from $1.46 per meter
  • Retail price: $6.5 per meter
  • Estimated profit: $5.04 per meter
  • Google search monthly volume (US): 2.8K


Docshipper Tip: Do you want to import clothes from China? Docshipper is a sourcing expert, our goal is to share our experience with our readers and customers to help them source their products in complete safety. To help, we wrote a guide about how to import clothes from China. If you still have questions or if you want a free quote, contact our experts by filling out our form or by calling them!

Montessori toys



Montessori is a new kind of education. This kind of toy is created to help children develop their autonomy. Parents are more and more likely to buy this type of product. You can notice that the market represented $49.973.1 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $81.295.2 million by 2030.

  • Wholesale price: from $180 for 100 pieces
  • Retail price: $20.5 per piece
  • Estimated profit: $1870
  • Google search monthly volume: 45.6K

Weighted stuffed animal



This new kind of plush has been created to calm children's anxiety. There are different colors and types of animals to fit different children's wishes. This kind of toy generate 577% more interest compared to the past year.

  • Wholesale price: from $380 for 100 pieces
  • Retail price: $26.99 per piece
  • Estimated profit: $2319
  • Google search monthly volume: 46.6K

Custom neon signs


Professionals and individuals are more and more looking for this kind of decoration for their shop or living room. 80s are back in fashion, and what could be more representative than colored neon light?

  • neon-lights-signsWholesale price: from $1711 for 100 pieces
  • Retail price: $58.49 per piece
  • Estimated profit: $4138
  • Google search monthly volume: 164.8K




These stainless steel smart LED thermoses are useful and respect the environment, your customer will absolutely want them. This market is projected to reach $6.5 billion in 2028, which proves that it still a profitable business.


  • Wholesale price: from $157 for 100 pieces
  • Retail price: $9.50 per piece
  • Estimated profit: $793
  • Google search monthly volume: 282.3K




Blanket hoodie


Not just a blanket, not just a hoodie, the hoodie blanket is revolutionizing comfort at home. This product could be manufactured in different sizes and colors to please women, men, and children.

  • Wholesale price: from $950 for 100 piecesblanket-hoodie
  • Retail price: $30 per piece
  • Estimated profit: $2050
  • Google search monthly volume: 78.4K


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Now you have an idea of what kind of products could be bestsellers in 2023. Obviously, this list is non-exhaustive, we just wanted to present you with a few pieces you can order to sell to your customers and be sure to make a profit. China is known to be one of the world's biggest manufacturers, the country is increasingly qualified to manufacture quality products with more and more skilled workers while maintaining very competitive manufacturing costs.

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