How to Import Solar Panels from China? [Guide]

How to Import Solar Panels from China? [Guide]

Solar energy is potentially the world''s most exciting renewable fuel resource, and China is bringing affordability to the table. While the world's solar energy capacity is so far constrained, the industry has expanded at an incredible rate during the previous ten years. This article covers the core technological features of solar panels and the factors to be considered while selecting a solar panel producer in China. It also introduces key market regulations, anti-dumping obligations and trade exhibitions for solar goods.

However, please note that most manufacturers you will find online will not offer you the best prices and often have exclusivity contracts that limit your options.

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Specifications of solar products

China's producers are used to producing goods in accordance with the specifications of their buyers. But the solar market is a little uneven because personalization of products is not usually required. Solar panel vendors produce their products according to a predefined list of product requirements.

However, not every supplier produces the exact same level of quality of solar modules. The following is a compilation of the most elementary product specifications that we follow.

  • ¬†Front (specify busbar and coating)
  • ¬†Rear (specify busbar and substrate)
  • ¬†Mobile efficiency (e.g. 17.2%)
  • ¬†Number of cells:60 cells per module (6 x 10 )
  • ¬†Cell dimensions
  • ¬†Solar panel dimensions
  • ¬†Solar panel weight
  • ¬†Power rating
  • ¬†Maximum voltage
  • ¬†Maximum current
  • ¬†Operating temperature range
  • ¬†Maximum load capacity
  • ¬†Cable capacity Brand and connector 44 (stand-alone components must also comply with product safety regulations)
  • ¬†Cable length
  • ¬†Output tolerance
  • ¬†Frame material
  • ¬†Filling factor

Final product specifications are given by the supplier's increase, but if you have special needs for performance, you may begin by developing a brief checklist of core quality specifications and asking your suppliers to suggest suitable products. 

Efficiency loss

efficiency loss input vs outputThe majority of Chinese producers provide a 25-year guarantee. Nevertheless, the estimate includes efficiency loss (input vs. output). According to claims made by many providers, solar modules will produce between 90% and 95% of their capacity within the first ten years and between 80% and 85% in the next 15 years. However, few if any Chinese providers can provide performance statistics to support these assertions in the past.

Components of the system

There are basically 2 groups of constituents: 

  • the panel components such as connectors, trackers, and fasteners,¬†
  • power components such as inverters, DC circuit breakers, and meters.

solar panel components china

Please note that even stand-alone parts have to comply with national or market regulations on electrical safety. Most solar panel manufacturers in China supply all necessary system components, but you should never suppose that those items conform to your country's regulatory requirements. Many vendors are not aware that the elements used in China's solar panels are incompatible with the standards and legislation of other countries.

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What type of coverage can I look forward to?


Many vendors of solar panels will say that they offer warranties of a year or longer. Bear in mind that this isn't a guarantee in itself.

At the very best, the manufacturer will ship replacements and shrouds if they break or fail to work in a certain period of time.

That's because the vendor does not cover the air freight cost. This may be more expensive than the domestic cost of purchasing the parts.

In other words, we have to control the quality before we ship the solar panels. As there is no way to make the supplier give you an unconditional reimbursement or a free replacement.


Which MOQ for solar panels in China

minimum order quantityMost solar panel plants in China determine the minimum order quantity (MOQ) based on the effectiveness (W). For example, a supplier may define the MOQ as 10,000W.

If the mean power per solar panel is 120W, then 83 solar panels should be ordered.

Some suppliers have MOQ requirements that are much lower or nonexistent. Most manufacturers offer a lower MOQ when ordering regular models.

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May I request samples of the products?

It is possible to order product samples from almost all solar module suppliers. You can directly place orders for samples at Alibaba or

Please review all technical specifications before ordering a sample.

Anti-dumping tariffs

The following is a quick overview of the present situation in the U.S., the EU and India

United States

US and ChinaBack in 2012, the U.S. International Trade Commission imposed anti-dumping tariffs on solar modules made in China. Before that, the anti-dumping duties were not applied to solar modules made with cells produced out of China. Since June 2014, however, these products were also required to be subject to anti-dumping charges. Prices differ by producer and range from 18.56% to 35.21%.

 European Union

European union and China The EU launched an investigation in late 2012. Ultimately, anti-dumping duties were not imposed on Chinese-made solar panels. Instead, the EU and China agreed to set minimum price levels for solar modules. European importers therefore do not have to worry about anti-dumping duties on imported solar modules.

 Europe liberalizes Chinese solar panel imports

The import of Chinese solar panels into Europe, which had been regulated by surcharges since 2013, is now free. As of September 4, there is no longer a mechanism to protect European manufacturers from falling Chinese PV prices.

European solar panel manufacturers have to step up their creativity to survive. With the lifting of all restrictions on Chinese solar imports, the European Commission has presented serious obstacles in their path. But it saw fit to protect itself back in 2013 by taxing solar modules from the Middle Kingdom. Devices imported below the floor price of ‚ā¨ 0.56 per Watt may therefore be subject to a tax of up to 64.9%.

Europe, an outlet for excess Chinese production? 

The Commission considered that the end of these restrictions would be in the interest of the European Union's renewable energy development objectives. It would also bring import prices in line with world market prices.

As a result, the fill has been open since September 4. China, which has decided to limit ground-mounted solar installations, has a production surplus of 30 gigawatts. The flow of cheap panels, which cannot be sold in the United States due to protectionist regulations and will soon no longer be available in India, could be directed to Europe.

European manufacturers, represented by the European association Prosun, say the decision will cause "severe damage" to the industry, given its modest output of about 7 gigawatts. Their calls for an extension of import tariffs have gone unheeded. Some companies are considering filing a complaint with the European Court of Justice.


An anti-dumping duty is levied on solar modules imported from China, Malaysia and the United States. The tariff rate for solar panels manufactured in China is 100% to 110%.


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Solar Panel Exhibits in China

 Attending a trade show is an inexpensive way to meet leading industry suppliers and compare products and prices.

 SIPE solar exhibition

As the name suggests, China International Solar Power Generation Products Expo (SIPE SOLAR EXPO) only focuses on solar power products. It takes place every year in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province.

 SNEC PV Power Expo


SNEC is a major supplier conference and exhibition held every year in Shanghai. It has been in existence for over 10 years. Click here for more information about SNEC PV Power Expo.


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Canton Fair Phase 1

Canton Fair is China's largest trade fair, held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Held every year in April and October. Click here for more information about Canton Fair.

 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)

This exhibition is organized every year in Hong Kong by HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council). At the HK Electronics Fair, you can find suppliers who manufacture and sell various solar products such as: 

  • photovoltaic solar cells
  • Solar cells
  • Solar Chargers
  • Solar heaters
  • Solar lights
  • Solar PV (photovoltaic)
  • Photovoltaic solar batteries
  • Other solar products

Do you intend to purchase Chinese solar panels?

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