5 Essential Criteria for Selecting the Right Asian Supplier (2)

5 Essential Criteria for Selecting the Right Asian Supplier

Frequently, after looking at a supplier's experience, you are left with a small group of providers who all have attractive profiles. So now the question is, how do you make the best decision?

You will discover the 5 factors you can compare amongst the most recent vendors in this article.

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The supplier’s low price frequently has justifications

Without a question, the cost comes first. But you can't just go with whoever has the cheapest pricing. Be aware of the arguments for the enticing pricing that are so much cheaper than everyone else's.

The supplier’s low price justifications

Because they employ thinner material, it's possible that their production quality isn't as good as the industry standard. Even if the actual product size is smaller, you can't tell from the product photographs alone. Perhaps the quotation refers to overstocks rather than freshly manufactured goods. The price for future orders would be substantially higher after they run out of stock. You get what you pay for, in other words.

Assuming you located the original makers, a variance of 10% to 30% is considered to be pretty normal. The reason for this is that different manufacturers have different management and production expenses.

For instance, you can pay 40%–50% more for the identical socks from the world's largest pantyhose producer than from a local mill. If you are purchasing things on behalf of a major store, you could be more prepared to spend extra if the manufacturer is larger and can offer you high-quality goods and post-purchase support.

Therefore, when comparing prices, attempt to determine why they are so dissimilar and be sure to indicate whether you can accept the causes and are willing to pay for them.

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Get samples to assess the quality of the production

Situation 1: If a hand-made product sample is possible

This group includes clothing, bags and plush toys. Manufacturers typically charge between $100 and $200 to assist you in customizing a sample to your design. A prototype may be made in about one week if all the fabrics and accessories are ready. We advise you to request samples from one or two providers at a time, and if you're not happy, go on to the next. 

Situation 2: If mold should be produced before the product

time producing These goods are made of plastic. Typically, it costs thousands of dollars to create molds and takes at least 30 days to produce a sample. In order to examine your suppliers thoroughly, we advise comparing them first on other criteria before paying them to produce a sample. After all, sampling costs money and takes time.

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Effective communication reduces energy use and costs

Even though we rank customer service with sales agents third, we think they are just as crucial as the price.

As a top China sourcing firm, when assisting our clients in finding suppliers, we also consider the suppliers' ability to communicate as a key component in determining if we can place an order with them. Because of the conversation, we can tell if they are sufficiently responsible and professional.

Even though share the same language and have no time zone or cultural barriers with our Chinese suppliers, dealing with lousy communicators is still a headache for us. For instance, if despite your repeated requests, the product is ultimately made differently from what you had originally desired. Therefore, you have to put in a lot of work to convince them to duplicate the product or refund your money. That gives me a headache.

communication asian supplier

Even worse, a lot of Chinese suppliers struggle to write and speak English well. Due to reduced pay, they typically choose to engage recent graduates to contact foreign clients. However, only a very tiny portion of them have effective client contact skills and are knowledgeable about the products.

A good communication should, in our opinion as an expert in sourcing, have two characteristics.

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The supplier is able to comprehend your needs at all times

This indicates that the supplier will make an effort to deliver the outcome you desire without excessively repeating your requirements. deliverOn Alibaba, for instance, we submitted test inquiries to a few suppliers to get their prices, customisation charges, and an idea of how much it would cost to transport the items to the United States. Only one of the providers, though, provided me with comprehensive answers. The remaining suppliers merely provided background information about their businesses in their responses, which were pretty similar to the ones below and didn't address my queries.

The supplier is competent in his field and always willing to offer advice

A prime example is the self-stirring baby bottle that we are assisting one of our American clients in creating. We delivered the factory the client's prototype, which was created by a nearby American business. We requested a quote from them for mass-producing this item.

However, they provided us with more than just a figure; they also made recommendations to modify the product's interior structure, replace some electronic parts, and rebuild the circuit board. The unit cost was decreased by about 20% by taking their advise.

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Trending Products: Time is Gold

The lead time, or how long it takes to make and prepare all the products for shipment after you place the order, is the fourth factor you can compare between the final providers.

In most circumstances, a supplier will require 20 to 30 days to begin a new production process if you place an order with them for thousands of dollars. However, the lead time is influenced by the product category, the manufacturer’s manufacturing capability, and their production schedules.clothes asian supplier

The wait time for clothing, including lingerie, may be between 40 and 60 days. There are many lengthy stages, including finding textiles and accessories and dying goods. Additionally, the creation of the mold alone takes 20 to 30 days if you need to customize products like plastic goods.

It is therefore preferable to select the supplier with the shortest lead time if you have a choice among several and their prices are comparable. It's possible that they have a larger manufacturing capacity or that their schedule is not yet completely booked.

Particularly if you buy things that are currently popular, like the hoverboard or fidget spinner from years ago. Even if the price is significantly greater, you should pick vendors who can ship goods quickly. Because moving as quickly as you can is one of the keys to profiting from popular products. It would be too late to start selling this product if more and more people discovered the potential of it.

Docshipper Tip : Selecting a Chinese manufacturer might be challenging, for more details, see our article: How to contract manufacturers in China : considerations to think about.

Shipping Method and Shipping Price

You should not be concerned if you have a reliable freight forwarder who can assist you in importing goods from Chinese suppliers. However, if you don't have one and prefer suppliers to assist you with logistics, you must also assess logistical costs and options in addition to product prices.fowarder

Because it frequently occurs for some suppliers to offer exceptionally low product prices in an effort to draw customers. This means that instead of trying to profit from the sale of their goods, they choose to increase delivery costs after you place an order. The alternative scenario is that a supplier with no prior experience sending goods to your nation would receive more expensive shipping quotations from freight forwarders, which would also raise your overall cost.

Therefore, it's crucial that you examine the overall cost across various providers by adding the costs of the product and delivery together.

Additionally, you should choose suppliers who have shipping options to your country rather than those who offer lower product prices if you are from regions or countries like Africa, Latin America, or East Europe where there are fewer services available to deliver to your doorstep and handle the importing customs process.

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To conclude 

We’re hoping that these abilities will enable you to identify the ideal manufacturer for your goods. Please let us know if you have any inquiries about the subject of today's post.


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