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How to contract manufacturers in China : considerations to think about

China is well recognized across the world for exporting services and commodities at significantly reduced prices. However, because of the abundance of options, locating a reliable sourcing service in the nation might be a difficult task. Looking for a firm that fits your profile and delegating sourcing chores to them will need simplified knowledge of which companies perform the greatest job in specific areas.

The essential premise of every business, is to obtain components at the lowest possible cost and then sell the finished product at the highest possible price. As a result, selecting the correct sourcing firm for your organization's supply chain can make or break your profit-making objectives. A competent sourcing business should assist you in regularly procuring material, both in terms of quality and quantity, while keeping a low price point.

This allows you to redirect a larger portion of your cash resources to other areas of your organization.

Contract a Chinese manufacturer : Not as Easy as You Might Believe

Two Colleagues factoryContracting a Chinese manufacturer has grown in popularity among major corporations that prefer not to own facilities, machinery, and other assets and instead concentrate their resources on product creation as well as marketing. Substantial corporations, like for example Apple, engage contract manufacturers such as Flex to produce their multiple devices, HP to produce their printers as well as Motorola to manufacture smartphones. In general, contract packager  are appealing since they frequently house all activities in a single building  and may assist with anything from designing products through making prototypes, samples, and production.

For a large firm with considerable volume, solid leverage, and somewhat established goods, subcontracting  to a contract packager has a chance to be a terrific option. There is a risk of prematurely restricting your alternatives for smaller organizations that are pretty early in their cycle of product development. When you choose a contract packager, you are committed to their specific factories as well as their equipments, their price and conditions. With lower quantities than larger enterprises, you won’t have maximal negotiating power over price and other issues.

At the time when China is often regarded as the finest place to manufacture goods, particularly more complicated goods, contract packaging China is certainly not the ultimate choice for everyone. Even if you don't go directly to a contract manufacturer, you may still outsource from a Chinese manufacturer or many other worldwide manufacturing hubs. To discover, analyze, negotiate, and manage manufacturers, you will require internal specialists in designing product, development as well as general management of the supply chain.

Many small businesses may not have those specific resources and skills on their staff. A simpler approach is to use the power of managing marketplace models, which provides the advantages of contract packaging  without any inconveniences, allowing you to  complete control over the product creation process.

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The Model of the Managed Marketplace

Factory schemeThe model of controlled marketplace is a novel paradigm that provides a powerful alternative to the standard contract manufacturing technique. Companies that lack significant product development or supply chain knowledge might benefit from the managed marketplace model, which combines the best of those two techniques. This paradigm enables businesses to keep flexibility as well as control although subcontracting development of products, while maintaining trust and faith all along the process. Rather of attempting to teach yourself as you go, a way that can be a difficult and costly approach, you engage with a firm like DocShipper to assist you in contracting manufacturers in China or any other location that is the most logical.

In terms of design, the marketplace management approach may assist you identify the best engineers and designers for your unique product, rather than being confined to the designers employed by the contract packager. Your designer is a professional creating items in your range of products, giving new ideas and time savior solutions, allowing you to start production much sooner.

In terms of supply chain, controlled marketplace allows you to choose the best of the best  factories anywhere in the globe, with the opportunity to transfer factories if necessary. Sourcing specific factories is an important part of the manufacturing process that requires ability in negotiation in order to get good prices and supervising production to guarantee the Chinese contract packager is producing precisely what they contracted. Some small businesses have this knowledge or the community personnel to cultivate a personal connection with the Packager as well as supervise general production.

Steps to Take Before Hiring a Manufacturer

Worker Standing FactoryThere are various stages that must be accomplished before you can start looking for a contract packager in China, you must first complete the product development cycle. Remember that, if you decide to choose the marketplace management model, you in the future will be partnering with a firm which will supply you with all the resources and knowledge you need to do these tasks much more quickly and confidently. Along the process, they are also going to be available to solve problems and give best practices. A contract packager will be driven to encourage you to produce items that fit inside their wheelhouse, but still a self-sufficient partner will be unmotivated to lead you in any particular way.



Before you even start developing any products, you must conduct extensive research. Product development, regardless of how you handle it, is a time and money commitment. That’s why we make save you both with our sourcing services, don’t hesitate to contact us right now. Making certain that you are pursuing the correct product opportunity has to be crucial, particularly for small businesses with limited funds that cannot manage to make a bad bet.

With this, you’re going to know if you are not, or are investing in appropriate things at the best moment if you spend time researching. You must first understand your consumer, whatever they want, and whether there is a chance or not to fill a void left by the competition which has overlooked or is not performing as effectively as you can. If there is potential to increase market share, enhance an present product or develop a totally new product from the start that fulfills or even creates a demand, look here.

Market research, competition analysis, trend monitoring, key wording, calculating margins and profits, and identifying the proper individuals to collaborate with to create your new product are all examples of research.



Design is obviously crucial — where concepts of new products become actual designs, samples. You’ll collaborate with a team of industrial designers and engineers, who are skilled in your product sector, your unique product according to their experience of creating comparable items if you choose the managed marketplace model. 

The specific design deliverables may vary based on the sort of item you intend to  produce, but they commonly comprise drawings; CAD, 2D representations, 3D printed prototype, materials and component data.


Measurements and files

Regardless of the manufacturer you pick, they will want final design files with accurate measurements. This information, like plans, blueprints, will assist your packager gets exactly what you wish, so they can correctly set a price, source, and produce an item that fulfills your demands. Working a with a contract packager can assist with all this, but make sure to keep legal possession of design or tools that are generated. Otherwise, you risk paying someone to build a product over which you have no control.

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Chinese Factory Types

When looking for Chinese contract packager, seek for one with cheap minimums and great scalability. You may require one of those kind of factories, depending on your product:


Raw Material Factory - A  factory that manufactures any needed raw materials required by your item. These components are subsequently sent to the manufacturers listed below. 

Component Factory — A factory that will manufacture a component of your ultimate product, frequently adding the transformation of your raw material plant. 

Assembly Factory - A factory that will take all the resources and components from the other factories and put them together to create your completed product for sale.


Make sure that you understand the potential of any factories with which you operate. At first sight, it may appear that they all have these skills in-house, yet numerous factories are usually engaged during the process.

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Choosing a Chinese Manufacturer

Woman Thumbs Up FactoryFinding a Chinese contract packager might be as simple as using any marketplace websites like Alibaba, but it doesn't guarantee you'll get the finest factory. Indeed, many organizations, e-Commerce enterprises, and entrepreneurs that utilize Alibaba subsequently realize they should have sourced even more. It is fairly unusual for sourcing brokers to collaborate with plants, and some of those may not always have your finest interests in mind. They understand how to use the process to their advantage and constantly are betting that they are more experienced than you.

Instead, the marketplace management approach insures that you always have a partner with you — one with a verified professional network and the influence to keep industrial partners on their toes. Rather than hoping you received a fair bargain and that your item is of high quality, you can then access to only the most experienced, reputed Chinese manufacturers and throughout the world that have expertise making items like your company’s. These plants have shown themselves over and again by simply working hard to keep their reputations while developing long-term connections with both you and your crew.

They are even more likely to strike fair bargains and provide high-quality items that fit your exact requirements at the quantity and timeframe stated in the contract you signed. They will also place a premium on compliance and safety. With a dependable packager in the supply chain, of yours, can rest assured that your budget allocated to production is being effectively spent.


Learning About Chinese Culture

Remember that contract manufacturing in China is not the same as contracting manufacturing in the United States. In China, there will obviously be a language barrier as well as cultural differences, so having a local partner who knows both is essential. This individual will report everything on the ground, assisting you in developing a positive connection with your manufacturing partners. Your relationship will be aware of your expectations and will ensure that they are satisfied. Because international travel has become more difficult as a result of COVID-19. It is critical to have eyes and ears on the ground wherever your items are manufactured to ensure that it is done appropriately.


You'll want to view production samples of your goods before giving the go-ahead for mass manufacturing. If you are unable to visit the factory, your local agent will try out the goods for you and give you images and any other information you may require to have a better understanding of the product's production, designing, and overall quality.

When you're satisfied with all the samples, it's time to move on to mass manufacturing and controlling quality. Again, having a continuous, local presence to supervise manufacturing and undertake Quality Control is tremendously advantageous. The Accepted Quality Limit (AQL), the globally agreed-upon norm for the permitted amount of faulty items in each product run, should constantly be monitored as part of quality control.

Import, Compliance, and Logistics

Finally, after your product has been manufactured and packaged, you are ready to ship it to the United States. You should also have a professional  on your side to guarantee that your goods gets securely to your warehouse on schedule, eliminating any delivery or customs delays. You must guarantee that product specifications, substance regulations, conformity assessment, testing necessities, and paperwork requirements are all met. Following that, you will collaborate with a specific freight forwarder can assist you in selecting the appropriate mode of transportation and port, as well as with the importing bond

As you can see, the development process is lengthy and complex, which is compounded when dealing with a Chinese contract packager. If you wish to get it from the start, the controlled marketplace method is your best bet.

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