Our rail freight services from China


Our rail freight solutions offer secure, reliable and environmentally friendly transport services that covers Europe and Asia. As sea freight, this solution  offers two choices: shipment in LCL (Less-than-Container-Load) or FCL (Full-Container-Load).


LCL in rail freight

If a shipment is not large enough to fully fill a container, we can organize the reservation of your cargo in groupage. This type of shipment is called LCL (Less than Container Load) shipment. We will organize a full container (FCL) with a primary carrier and consolidate shipments from multiple shippers. This means that the forwarder (here DocShipper) who reserves a full container accepts goods from different shippers and groups all these goods in one container as a fully loaded container - FCL. The freight forwarder sorts these goods at their destination or at the transhipment points, intended for different recipients in different ports.

FCL in rail freight

Shipping in FCL (or full container) does not mean that you need to have enough freight to fill an entire container. You can ship a partially filled container as an FCL. The advantage is that your cargo will not share a container with other shipments contrary to a solution in less than one container (LCL). Keep in mind that a full container (FCL) becomes profitable from the moment it is half-filled.

Booking of a wagon from China to Europe

For a large quantity of goods shipped or exceptionally large products, transport by train and booking an entire wagon is an option to consider. This can reduce costs compared to using containers: raw materials, building materials, etc. The DocShipper team also has a wealth of experience managing the shipment of goods by the whole wagon.

Transit times between China and Europe


Advantages and disadvantages of rail freight from China

Don't ask too much! It's still the beginning of the rail transport, but the future looks bright! As mentioned previously, with the heavy investments of the world's leading power, we can be sure that things will change, and quickly!

A railway line that crosses the world from the Far East to Western Europe is the new Silk Road! Indeed, it sometimes happens that sea freight or air freight is not a perfect alternative to freighting from China. It was around mid-2017 that this route really took shape with the transport of a cargo over 12,000 km, from East China to Great Britain in London, just that!

Faced with the rise of this mode of transport, DocShipper, a freight forwarder based in China, also offers rail freight services. Now let's take a look at the main advantages of this method of transport.


Rail freight advantages

Rail freight disadvantages

Rail vs Sea vs Air freight

As previously stated, DocShipper is able to offer rail, sea, and air transport.

Normally, before choosing a shipping process, we need to assess:

  • The place of origin and destination and if there is an appropriate infrastructure
  • Quantity and type of goods you import from China
  • Cost of freight from China to different destinations

By performing an appropriate assessment, we will recommend the shipping process that will be most in line with both your budget and time requirements.

Of course, we do all of this by weighing the possible pros and cons of each process. Let's see this together:

Speed vs cost

As we can see on the above schema, rail freight represents the happy medium between sea freight and air freight :

  • It is cheaper than air freight
  • It is faster than sea freight


Volume capacity

An average freight train has 41 containers while a Boeing 777 could only take 9. Containers seem to be very different compared to ships: the largest container ships sailing today can carry more than 21,000 containers twenty feet - more than 400 freight trains.

capacity train boat airplane

Rail freight terminals

A rail service offers more than just shipping from one station to another. Frequently, services are required to ensure that the shipping process is undertaken reliably, securely and in accordance with applicable legal regulations. If necessary, we are happy to provide the appropriate terminal services through our partners.

The 2 distribution centers in Europe


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