The Sourcing Services in China that are Trending in 2022

The Sourcing Services in China that are Trending in 2022

China is best known globally for exporting services and goods at a much lower price. But finding a good sourcing service in the country can be a confusing ordeal, thanks to the sheer number of choices. Looking for a company that matches your profile and assigning them sourcing duties will require streamlined knowledge of which companies get the job done the best for which areas.
The fundamental principle of any business, whether it be a gaming company like Escape Room Breakout or a chocolate seller like Hershey's, is to procure components at the lowest possible cost and then sell the end product at the highest possible price. So, choosing the right sourcing company for your business' supply chain can be a make or break of your profit-making plans. A good sourcing company should help you source material consistently, both in terms of quality and quantity, while maintaining a low price point.
This way, you can divert the greater chunk of your financial resources to other sectors of your business.

What is a Sourcing Service?


The main job of a sourcing company is to search for products and supplies at a low cost. These products should check all the quality attributes the client company is looking for. The end goal of sourcing companies and agents is to give their clients access to the best products at low costs. 

So, it is inevitable that these companies need to have a stronghold on different major languages, customs, and business skills to manage since different items need to be sourced from different countries to get the best price. Usually, these companies work on a long-term contract basis. They are also in charge of dealing with import/export duties, taxes, tariffs, local and international norms.  

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Best Sourcing Services Trending in China 2022

If you are looking for the best sourcing services in China for your company, here are the top choices that you should consider: 

1. DocShipper Sourcing

Owned by the DocShipper Group, this company offers sourcing and logistics solutions in more than 40 countries. DocShipper ensures assistance to its clients throughout the supply chain, including tasks such as supplier research, compliance, quality control, and international logistics. Docshipper discusses the product specifications and details with its customers and conducts supplier research to shortlist candidates matching the requirements. They also negotiate on behalf of the client and proceed to the sampling stage only when the client's requirements are satisfied.

The company also handles responsibilities such as documentation, email translation, package finalizing, freight arrangement, and web application. When the order is in the production stage, DocShipper assists clients in production management, quality inspection arrangement, international payment, shipment booking, and other documentation and custom clearances.

Services offered by DocShipper Sourcing include:

  • Sourcing
  • Supplier screening
  • Documentation preparing and translation
  • Order follow-ups
  • Factory and product inspection
  • Shipping arrangement
  • Custom clearance

2. Meeno Group

This is a sourcing company that is tailored for both domestic and international clients. It is located in Yiwu, China, and is one of the most reputed, talented, and experienced organizations of its kind. The main aim of the company is to attain high levels of professionalism, great work ethics, excellence, and maintain integrity through their work. The company is trusted for molding itself to meet the demands of clients all over the globe. 

You can trust the Meeno group to deliver the best services without any shortcuts with professional assistance. 

Services provided by the Meeno group includes:

  • High-quality inspection
  • Product research
  • Goods sourcing
  • Depot storage
  • Repackaging
  • Building a solid base of trusty manufacturers and suppliers
  • Shipping administration
  • Custom clearances
  • Manufacturing solutions

3. Imex Sourcing Services

Situated in Guangzhou, China, Imex provides a plethora of services and sourcing facilities. The USP of this brand is the customized online portals they provide, which makes it easier to track and manage the process of sourcing orders. 

This company promises to deliver low prices and incredible customer care support that is accessible 24/7. Imex is the perfect sourcing choice for companies of any size. Thanks to its great performance, this organization has been recognized as a trusted brand on platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and more.

Services offered by Imex Sourcing services:

  • Detailed and careful inspection
  • Vendor background check
  • High-quality inspection
  • Accurate factory audits
  • Quality maintenance
  • Agreement negotiation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Product evolution
  • Logistics

4. Quick Sourcing

This is a one-stop solution sourcing company based in China. The main aim of Quick Sourcing is to satisfy the clients, meet their convenience, and help them find reliable factories at a low cost. 

Quick Sourcing believes that every client is different and hence, focuses on delivering individualized and customized services from the comfort of your home. Its operations are handled by a team of world-class, talented, and highly capable professionals who are experts in their individual fields. The company owes its commitment to every client and hence makes sure to deliver approachable, friendly, and accommodating services.

You can negotiate to get the best price, without having to compromise on the high quality of the products. 

The company ensures a seamless procedure for the clients by searching for suitable suppliers in China, assessing the cost of production, understanding shipping, providing samples, verifying suppliers, and having a solid customer base. You can access the lowest prices with Quick Sourcing and a range of expert representatives to help you with the process.

Services offered by Quick Sourcing services:

  • Product sourcing, consulting, and manufacturing
  • Product sample customization
  • Import and export
  • Price negotiation
  • Solid customer care base
  • Trusted supplier base

5. Dragon Sourcing

With Dragon sourcing, you can get low-cost services and an incredible customer base. This is one of the biggest sourcing enterprises in China and has its offices spread across the world. The headquarters are based in Shanghai. The company aims at providing better alternatives and a wide range of sought-after manufactured products. You can get an excellent exportation service to wider markets with Dragon Sourcing and even seek guidance from their expert professionals to make the entire process more productive.

Services offered by Dragon Sourcing services:

  • Supplier Verification
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Product source
  • Quality and individualized checks
  • Store procurement
  • Order administration, negotiation, and manufacturing
  • Sample development

6. Sourcing Bro 

The biggest strength of Sourcing Bro is its highly trained and experienced staff who are experts in Sourcing. Located in Shenzhen, China, this company is an excellent choice for small, medium, or large-sized enterprises.

With Sourcing Bro, you get parcels handled with high-level safety and care. The staff is extremely helpful and accommodating of customer queries or complaints. One of the main highlights of the services offered here is its extreme punctuality when it comes to deliveries. 

Services offered by Sourcing Bro includes:

  • Product sourcing
  • Quality and low-cost products
  • Standard QA and QC
  • Warehousing¬†



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7. Guided Imports

This is a well-established company that streamlines the process of Sourcing without any delays and inconvenience. The sourcing procedures are affordable with assured quality.

 You can rely on Guided Imports for services ranging from product sourcing, product development, product inspection, and more. 

Services offered by Guided Imports include:

  • Product development
  • FBA bundling and preparing
  • Access to Chinese sourcing agents
  • Product validation
  • Supplier factory
  • Delivery forwarder
  • Purchasing agent
  • Quality management specialist
  • Custom breaker
  • International banking facilities

8. Asiaction Sourcing

This is a French-owned procurement agency headquartered in Guangzhou, China. The original focus of this company was on sourcing furniture materials for its clients. But now, it offers a plethora of services, ranging from sourcing products to product development.

The company has also developed its own products that are shortlisted in Amazon Select. Importers who are dedicated to working and understanding the whole supply chain are provided with a great range of options at Asiaction.

Services offered by Asiaction Sourcing:

  • Supplier sourcing
  • Preparation of orders
  • Order follow up
  • Shipping supervision
  • Container loading supervision
  • Quality inspections

9. Ec4u Limited

This is a great company that assists businesses in Sourcing and producing non-food consumption items around the globe. It works as per the client's convenience and completes product development and inspection effectively to ensure no delays. It also offers universal sourcing services to ensure client satisfaction and happiness.

The priorities for Ec4u lie with a high level of commitment, innovation, and excellence. You are also given access to an expert range of wholesalers, brand owners, and other business developers while working with them. To ensure proper inspection, QA processes are done in the extreme vicinity of the industry standards.

Services offered by Ec4u Limited:

  • Expert product sourcing
  • Unmatched quality and accuracy check
  • Careful inspection of suppliers

10. FBA Sourcing China

This company has worked with many Amazon sellers in Asia and Europe. FBA promises to deliver a superb service to its client, along with great prices. 

FBA Sourcing China holds its specialization in electronics and related accessories in the health and fitness industries. The sourcing agents here undergo training and seminars to ensure the best customer service. To make the whole process hassle-free for clients, the company provides a range of comprehensive services.

Services offered by FBA Sourcing China are: 

  • Product development
  • Poly bagging
  • Product bundling
  • Packaging
  • Storage warehousing
  • Quality inspection checks
  • Product labeling
  • Supplier searching
  • Sample consolidation
  • High-end and modern printing technology

11. China2West

China2West offers services ranging from certifying, layout, product development, tooling, producing, prototyping, high-quality control, graphics, and more. 

With so much experience, China2West has gathered a huge database that contains crucial information that can enable companies to develop services as per the requirements of their target markets. 

This company offers standard and competing production facilities. They have a good reputation for establishing long-term relationship clients, with a high repeat customer rate.

Services offered by China2West are:

  • Private keys production
  • Logistics network management
  • Model construction and tooling
  • Development and design
  • Intensive lab testing
  • Factory administration
  • Project management
  • Thoughtful and careful quality checks
  • Factory audit
  • Prototype services
  • Sought-after logistics preparation

12. Foshan Sourcing

Located in Foshan, China, this sourcing company has been in the industry for more than a decade. It specializes in ceramics. However, Foshan Sourcing is established in different cities for different varieties of business clusters.

The main strength of this veteran sourcing company is its quick-response customer support. Dedicated agents of the company are available 24/7 to address clients' queries and concerns in no time. 

Services offered by Foshan Sourcing are:

  • Product development
  • Product sourcing
  • Quality control
  • After-sales facilities
  • Shipping forwards
  • Storage warehousing

Many up-and-coming organizations make the mistake of assuming that they can independently source materials and save the cost of third-party supply chains. But, in the long run, and sometimes even in the short one, this decision ends up draining funds and resources, with less productive results. In contrast, working with a sourcing company will initially take up a significant part of your budget, but it will eventually result in better products that can sustain themselves in the competitive market and even enable your company to rake up higher margins as you establish yourself in the field more strongly.

It is advised that you check a range of sourcing agents before fixing one. Apart from the ones mentioned in your list, you can also go for smaller companies that might offer you even lower price ranges, though the risk of quality might come into the picture. One good thing about partnering with bigger sourcing agents is that you will get access to their high-profile network, which is essential to survive in a competitive industry like Sourcing.

Product sourcing ensures that there is a separate company that has in-depth knowledge about product development product sharing and knows what to do when. Even among the big players, there are different strengths and weaknesses that can help you decide the right pick for your specific requirements. 


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