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The different methods of transportation between China and Belgium


To begin, keep in mind that you have three options: sea, air, and train. And of course  we provide you with the following comparison to help you choose the best possible option!

Sea freight from China to Belgium

Overview - Trade relations between China and Belgium

In Asia, China is Belgium's major commercial partner. In 2019, total commerce between Belgium and China reached 20.2 billion euros.

Belgium's products exports to China reached 7.22 billion euros in 2019. Belgium purchased products worth a total of 13 billion euros from China.

The exports of Belgium to China have risen sharply in the last three years, with ocean commerce nearly doubling. Chemicals, transportation equipment, basic metals, and plastics were among Belgium's exports to China in 2013. Tools and equipment, textiles, and metal products are among the items that Belgium buys from China.

In the European Union, Belgium is China's sixth-largest commercial relationship. In 2019, the total value of products traded between China and the EU was €428 billion. China's biggest trading partner is the European Union.

In Belgium, there are three main national ports:

  • Port of Antwerp
  • Port of Ghent
  • Port of Bruges-Zebrugge

Port of Bruges-Zeebruges

Zeebrugge (also known as Bruges Port or Bruges Seaport) is a significant North Sea for cargo, bulk freight, new cars, and passenger ships.The port handles about 50 million tons of cargo each year.

The port authority MBZ manages the port of Zeebrugge, which is a self-governing public business with the city of Bruges as the majority stakeholder.

Website :Port of Bruges-Zeebruges

* Other Belgian ports, even if they are less significant, can accept the goods like Blankenberge, Ostend, Nieuport, and Brussels.

How much time does it take to ship from China to Belgium

The average sea freight shipping time from China to Belgium is 37 days. The following table shows the average transit times between each destination's principal ports (in days):

Anvers Gand Ostende Zeebrugge Nieuport  Blankenberge
Shangaï 25 26 32 30  30  30
Shenzhen 20 22 26 24  24 22
Guangzhou 24 26 28 28 24 26
Qingdao 26 28 34 29 32  29
Tianjin 31 33 41 37 35 34
Ningbo 29 32 30 28 29 31
Dalian 30 34 41 34 35 40

What container can I choose for shipment between China and Belgium ?

Here are many ways of transportation that may be utilized depending on the size of your products:

  •  The 20'GP container, with a maximum capacity of 33m3
  • The 40' GP container, with a maximum capacity of 67m3
  • The 40' HC container, with a maximum capacity of 76m3

Let's do some further analysis by comparing the two modes of transportation.

Special transports between China and Belgium

Reefer container

A refrigerated container is a secured container that is used to carry temperature-sensitive items. The container's functioning necessitates the use of an external power supply. The energy generated by the ship's G.D. units is used to power the reefer containers as they are transported into the ships.


RORO shipping is a common method of transporting products between nations. Japanese automobile producers came up with the notion of utilizing specialized ships nicknamed "vehicle carriers" to rapidly and effectively carry their vehicles to the United States and Europe.

For two reasons, RoRo transport is primarily utilized for vehicle transportation: affordability and efficiency. The automobiles are secured to the ship's decks. They are well protected in the boat's hold, which is protected from the wind and water.


Bulk is loaded into the ship's hold. This sort of cargo is not like the others. There's a distinction to be made between liquid and solid mass.  This equals to a significant amount, particularly from nations with rich natural resources.

Out Of Gauge (OOG)

Out-of-gauge freight needs particular handling. As you can see, certain things have a volume that is more than the average during transit. Solutions must be given in this instance.

How much does sea freight between China and Belgium cost?

There is a critical step you must do if you want to know the cost of your shipment: Know how much your items weigh and how much space they take up. The tariff will, in reality, be founded on these criteria.

The weight/volume ratio is "1 ton = 1 m3" according to the equivalence rule.

  • The basic freight in conventional and groupage transportation is computed using the weight/volume ratio and the 1 ton = 1 m3 concept. The tariff is calculated in payment units (PU), which are equal to either the mass in tons or the volume in cubic meters, and is always to the ship's benefit. As a result, the highest value is utilized.
  • The shipping company and the kind of container will have an impact on the pricing of a full container. The latter isn't clearly defined.


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Air freight between China and Belgium

The different types of air freight

Sea freight accounts for 90% of all exports. Some experts, on the other hand, prefer air freight. When the products are too delicate for shipping. Furthermore, when the cargo does not have a big volume, the price might be comparable to that of shipping by sea while maintaining a reasonable transit time. Your goods can arrive to Belgium in  a few days if it is sent from China.

Conventional air freight and express air freight are the two forms of air freight:

The express service allows the delivery of goods in the shortest possible time. Regardless of their destination, they can be delivered by hand.

This service is an "all-inclusive" solution, which means that the buyer does not need to clear low value shipments through customs himself. The cost of this type of transport is very competitive, especially for goods with a volume of less than 1m3.

Why do we choose air transport?

1. The speed

The primary advantage, as you can see, is the travel time. As a result, compared to rail freight (which isn't accessible everywhere) or sea freight (which isn't available everywhere), air freight is a better option (often about thirty days).

2. Schedule reliability
It's crucial to understand that aircraft are far more timely than ships. It's also reasonable, given that aircraft depart every hour for the same location. Aside from that, missing one isn't a tragedy.

3. Multiple destinations
Thanks to the major networks of suppliers, such as airlines, you may have your items transported to any part of the globe.

4. Low insurance premium
it is quick and the cost of insurance is proportional to the time required. However, the procedure will be more costly, so you must do your own estimates.

5. High level of security
Air travel has the benefit of providing a high level of security, with severe checks at airport gates decreasing the risk of cargo theft.

6. The need for storage and low storage
Because the amounts of air freight are lower, storage is easier and cheaper. Furthermore, because the shipment does not demand as many personnel and time resources, customs inspection and handling are much more effective procedures.

7. The need for low packaging
The weight of the package for air freight will be reduced. As a result (packing service + decreased weight),  will save cash.

8. The follow-up
When a shipper uses airfreight, most delivery companies offer a tracking service. From the time the products leave until they arrive, an application may be used to track them.

DocShipper can help you choose the best air freight service !

What is volumetric weight?

  • In the case of express air freight, the equivalency rule is as follows: 1 ton per 5 m3, corresponding to a 1 to 5 weight volume ratios. For example, 1 m3 is equivalent to 200 kilograms, or 1 for 5.

1 mÂł = 200 kg (1/5)

  • The rule for conventional freight is as follows: 1 ton for 6m3, or a 1-for-6 weight/volume ratio, plus a gross weight fee for a ratio of 1-for-6 or less. The actual volume is divided by 6 to get a volumetric weight that is used as a foundation for pricing. For instance, 1 m3 is equal to 167 kg, or 1/6 of a ton.

1 mÂł = 167 Kg (1/6)

How much does it take to ship air cargo from China to Belgium?

Air cargo shipments from China to Belgium take an average of 3 to 5 days to arrive at their destination, although this can vary depending on factors such as the airline, origin and destination airports, and any potential layovers or delays.


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Rail freight from China to Belgium

Transport by train from China to Belgium

Since 2013, China has strengthened its rail capacity, allowing it to quickly export to major European centres (including France and Belgium).  This solution is particularly beneficial for professionals, importers, and exporters, as it is the ideal common way. Sea freight takes a lot of time, while air freight is frequently ignored due to its cost. Another area where China has a complete understanding!

Rail freight shipments to Europe have nearly doubled by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). For the world and Chinese economies, this is a gold mine.

The Yiwu-Madrid railway line, sometimes known as the "New Silk Road," connects China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, and Spain, and is the world's longest freight train line. Trans-Eurasia Logistics manages the operation.


How long does it take to travel by train from China?

Clearly, there is no universal truth. The majority of the time, though, we notice a 20 to 30 day delay, and it's depends on the customs complications as an example.

Rail freight is available in 22 Chinese provinces, and two lines are now in use:

  • The Trans-Eurasia, which is the most well-known. As previously said, it is a pretty comprehensive line.
  • Exports to Chinese cities in the far northeast are facilitated by the Trans-Siberian Railway.

China boasts the world's biggest rail network. This enables for a full interchange with providers, who may offer train services all over the world. Yiwu, in the eastern province of Zhejiang, is also home to the Trans-departure Eurasia's terminus. This enhances its worldwide market popularity and efficiency.

As a result, a supplier from Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Xiamen may simply have his items shipped to Yiwu, where they will be transported to European destinations, particularly Belgium.

The train's delay is almost twice as long as the boat's!

Door-to-door service between China and Belgium

Door to door service, which we provide to our customers on a daily basis, is highly valued. In fact, we handle the entire procedure. From packaging to loading, palletization, customs processes, import/export loads, and delivery (unpacking and unloading if necessary also). In dozens of nations, we perform weekly door-to-door visits.

Our partners, whether in China or elsewhere, are well-established companies with whom we have worked for many years. This is a chance to save money and time.

DocShipper specializes in door-to-door delivery. Let us handle all of your logistics needs, including packaging, storage, loading/unloading, customs clearance, international freight, trucking, and so forth.

Customs clearance for goods imported

This section explains the customs processes that must be followed when importing Chinese goods into Belgium. This crucial procedure affects not just Belgium, but also France and the European Union's territory in general.

As a result, all EU member nations, including Belgium, have the same rules. As a result, the importer will be responsible for paying import duties and taxes. Whatever the place of origin, products arriving in Belgium will be subject to a proportion of taxes (which may vary based on the kind of commodities, among other factors) that the importer will be responsible for paying.

The concept of a national customs area exists only for the purposes of enforcing specific rules, such as the collection of internal taxes like petrol or indirect charges tobacco, for example, in Belgium.

The payment of duties and taxes, is the essence of the customs procedure, thus it is an important concept to comprehend. As a result, we'll walk you through the procedure step by step.

The customs value

Importing items from third countries into Belgium, which is part of the European Union, results in an importer's charge, which is reflected in import taxes. The amount of these import taxes will be determined by the value of the products and the percentage that applies to them.

DocShipper Alert: Looking for help with customs clearance in Belgium? DocShipper has you covered. Our team of experts will walk you through the process step by step, including the payment of duties and taxes. With our in-depth knowledge of the Belgian market, we can help you navigate the customs procedure efficiently and avoid costly mistakes. Contact us today to learn more about our customs clearance services in Belgium and how we can help you save time and money.



What are the duties and taxes?

How to calculate customs duties and taxes?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you must be aware of the rate of customs charges and also the different taxes that may be imposed on the items you intend to import.

Determine the products' "HS code" or tariff species

The three pillars that will lead the amount to be paid for customs clearance are the origin, customs value, and lastly the HS code.

Over 95 percent of global trade is covered by the Harmonized System (HS Code), which is adopted by 207 nations. For the nations that adopt it, the system gives a single, systematic classification. Each item has its own unique code.

An HS code is made up of the following components


hs code pineapple

Calculating customs duties with the HS Code

After you've obtained the HS code, you'll need to determine how much you'll have to charge to import your items.

You must visit the Belgian Customs website and enter the Customs TARIC system.



Fill in the blanks with the following information:

  • The HS Code of the product ("080430")
  • The origin of the products ("China - CN")

Then, access this page, hit "Retrieve measures"



Does Docshipper charge customs duties?

Docshipper does not make a profit on customs taxes. Because we act as a middleman and pay customs directly. DocShipper does not collect taxes; instead, the government collects them. We provide you with all official documents to ensure complete clarity.

Procedure and customs contact

Required documents

Bill of Lading

The carrier will issue a bill of lading to the shipper, confirming that the products have been received and are prepared for transit. Following that, the package is handed over to the carrier, who then delivers it to the consignee. It is a contract that outlines the terms and circumstances of transportation between the shipper, the provider, and the receiver. This document's air freight equivalent is called an "Air Waybill".


Packing List

The packing list details the characteristics of the cargo, such as the kind of goods, amount, packaging, and estimated value. This document is needed for all shipments since it aids customs inspectors in cost estimation.


Original Invoice

The original invoice will be necessary whether the shipment originates in China or arrives in Belgium. It has to be in agreement with the packing list.


Certificate of Origin

The purpose of this document is to determine the origin of the objects. The origin certificate confirms where the products were made. Once you've cleared customs, you'll be able to benefit from the taxes that apply to your products or their origin.


Documents of conformity (CE standard)

A certificate of conformity must accompany an item that is marketed within Europe. The user understands that the product complies with the EEA's environmental, safety, and health standards (European Economic Area). Nevertheless, don't mistake conformity with reliability or quality.


Economic Operator Registration Identification

It is a mandatory registration number. You can also use your SIRET number to verify it on the Pro-douane portal. If you want further information, please visit the following page: EORI in belgium.


Restricted and prohibited products

Some items are subject to limitations or outright prohibitions. You will require import licences and permissions in the first scenario, which we will give. Let's have a look at the goods in question:

Are there any agreements between China and Belgium?

Because of the possibilities for commerce, Belgium is looking for stronger economic relations with China and hopes to establish a free trade deal.

According to the Foreign Trade Association, China is considered as a potential supply market for European businesses and this organization is making an effort to reach an agreement for future trade.

In addition, the creation and usage of the"New Silk Road" provides value and indicates a strong desire to expand commercial and social ties and exchanges.

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